CIM / MIM Injection Molding

Tav Medical offers complete manufacturing services including design, engineering and tools production for MIM (Metal Injection Molding) and CIM (Ceramic Injection Molding) technologies.

Tav Medical uses advanced technologies and equipment to manufacture small to large quantities of complex shaped, high performance products.

  • The CIM technology – offers precision, flexibility in product design, accurate and consistent dimensions – all of these in mass production.
  • The MIM technology – provides a manufacturing process that delivers high accuracy and products strength – intricate precision parts, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

The CIM / MIM technologies provided by TAV Medical offers significant advantages:

Accurate and Consistent Dimensions

The traditional CAD/CAM machining process has certain limitations for reaching the exact required geometry (e.g., undercuts and angled holes). With the CIM/ MIM processes, it is easy to achieve the precise desired geometry. Furthermore, the required dimensions and surface texture of molded products are consistent, repeatable and controllable.

Flexibility Product Design

CIM / MIM technologies enables an almost unlimited design and manufacturing flexibility.

Mass Production

The CIM / MIM process enables serial production of large volumes.

Full Automation

The CIM / MIM technological method used by TAV Medical is characterized by advanced technology and fully automated processes, allowing production flexibility and dynamic approaches.

Custom Made Products

TAV Medical uses its expertise and experience in the production of ceramic or metal components to develop customized solutions and to share its technological capabilities and innovations with interested companies that bring their own specific requirements.